Isabella Ness is a sound designer, musician, and vocalist intent on exploring and challenging the principles of narrative media. She is based in Austin, TX, amplifying the local flavor of audio with lots of tasty swooshes, slams, and WHUD's.


From the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, to Brawlhalla, to Death Stranding and many other titles running the gamut of platform and scope, her design ethos focuses on collaboration and innovation to embolden the role of audio in game development. Isabella is a senior sound designer & producer with Team Audio, where she helps bring in-game worlds to life sonically while making sure the IRL ship stays in tip-top shape. She is passionate about uplifting the next generation of developers and has given talks about strategy and process at MAGFest and University of Texas at Austin, as well as working with Girls Make Games to provide audio support for multiple projects.

In addition to design work, Isabella keeps her rhythmic habits hale dancing flamenco and playing the cajón. She is an active performer of her own work in art song and experimental sound in independent venues, and she releases recorded work under the name Middlescence on bandcamp.com. Isabella also composes vocal music for chamber ensemble and stage performance (ASCAP).

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